Accelerate your healthtech startup

We’re looking for strong teams who are fanatical about solving significant healthcare problems by combining relentless business execution, software or hardware, and inspired design.


$50k in seed funding per team, plus the potential of up to $250K in follow-on funding from DreamIt Ventures after your first investment led by a professional investor. Warm introductions and face-to-face meetings with active seed-stage investors.


Access to clinicians, executives, data, clinical systems and potential pilot or customer opportunities with the nation’s leading medical institutions. Warm intros and access to operators and subject matter experts at leading healthcare organizations including payers, providers, pharmacos, vendors, and government.


Weekly “Board meetings” with DreamIt Ventures’ managing directors to problem solve, get you connected and hold your feet to the fire. Hand-picked mentors chosen for their startup operating experience, fit with your venture, and commitment to spending significant time with you each week.


Free legal services from the leading law firms in the city. Free office space in a rigorous and creative working environment. Free Amazon Web Services plus other donated services and products.


Learn best practices, tools and techniques from leading practitioners of their craft with multiple talks and office hours each week spanning business, technology, design and healthcare.  Fill in other gaps in knowledge with Founders 101, a startup-focused crash course in product management, sales, marketing, finance, accounting, legal, HR, and operations taught by DreamIt’s own managing partners and directors.


Where you give up an 8% common stock position in your company to participate, you gain long-term investors aligned with the founders.  The equity you issue is split among DreamIt Ventures and its strategic partners for each cycle.  You’ll be placing industry leaders in your corner who are committed to helping you grow far beyond the end of the program, and whose connections, influence, and follow-on capital will serve you for years to come.

Change the face of healthcare

We and our strategic partners work closely with you to foster rapid growth through funding, intense coaching and access to opportunities rarely in reach for startups.

We are the healthcare arm of DreamIt Ventures.

We operate startup accelerators in New York City, Philadelphia, Austin and Baltimore. We recruit around the world for high-potential teams and business concepts in which we invest and do everything we can to give them unfair advantages including access to people and opportunities normally out-of-reach.

We’re run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.  We believe the best mentorship comes from startup operators who’ve been there before and done it before.  We’re engineers who appreciate technical innovation, both software and hardware, in the service of solving difficult problems.  We’ve been doing this since 2008 and have learned a thing or two about helping teams rapidly find product-market fit.

We know that your venture is marathon and not a sprint.  Your four months with us will go by in the blink of an eye, but we’re there for the long-term with a venture fund that makes follow-on investments in our alumni.

We value technical chops

but we expect customers to drive your product development

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